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    Heba Abed is a Saudi artist and designer, Heba was born in Jeddah. She holds a master degree in fine art and has been working as a Visual Arts Program manager in a private company. 

The artist showed her work in a few important exhibitions such as the Islamic art festival in Sharjah museum, Misk art main gallery, X edition of the Florence Biennial, RomArt Biennale 2015, the 55th Venice Biennale 2013 as part of the collateral exhibition Rhizome, curated by Edge of Arabia, and the Art weeks in Jeddah. The artist plays with optical illusions to deliver her message regarding the social impairments experienced in our modern society. “Scotoma”, or blind spot, describes defective vision, and Heba uses the term to address an overlooked element in her society, specifically the loss of the legacy of Arabic which is being over washed by “Franco” Arabic. She is also keen on highlighting the neglected feminist arguments in her society.

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