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Writin by, Arabian Wings, The Gallery:

              Heba's father used to work as an ambassador, thus a lot of time was spent traveling from one country to another. During these trips he was very careful to make sure his children understood and appreciated the beauty of art. he has been taking his children to museums and castles to see painting and sculptures. he would sometimes even travel to a specific city just for the sake of seeing a piece of art.

   He was eager for his family to embrace the beauty of art, but what he did not realize is that it was already deep rooted inside of Heba’s heart. her passion for the field grew and she decided that she wants to specialize in the arts. However, this was not intended to be heba’s field of choice but rather a hobby for her and for her brother. her father rejected the idea and pushed her to study medical sciences, While advising her to  keep drawing as a hobby in her free time. However her soul longed for the arts and that is why she couldn’t carry on in the medical field.

 She carried her dreams and hopes, and sailed the sea of arts, and has proven to everyone that her work is remarkable. she was awarded first place in fine art competition in the third scientific research through all the universities in Saudi Arabia.

            On first impression you may think Heba is a spoiled child who doesn’t care about anything, but she will surprise you with her charming smile and sense of humor. she knows how to use her passionate energy in the idea, named Scotoma “Blind Spot”, to address critical issues that people often ignore. She always tries to highlight issues that people tend to neglect for example women driving in Saudi Arabia, The transliteration to Franco-arabic {Chat Language} replacing the actual Arabic Language, And much more. 

Heba still has tones of potential. Art for her is the language of the soul, the beauty that resides in homes, the smell of an expensive rare orchid, She lives and breathes contemporary art, and she hopes that she and her work will one day be recognized in history and that students in schools will know her as a pioneer of the contemporary arts field in Saudi Arabia. 


 Ancora Imparo......


My mother said to me, 'If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.' Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso.

Pablo Picasso

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