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Professional info

- Visual Artist.

- Graphic designer.

- Visual arts manager at Sidanah

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Arabic: Natev Language

English: Good

Italaian: Elementary- Still learning




P.O. Box 6898

Jeddah, 21452








- October- Language of Colours, Novus Art Gallery,

Abu Dhabi, UAE.

- August- Transition, Reconnecting Art, London, UK.

- April- MiSK art festival, Grand Gallery,  Riyadh, KSA.

- February- Dayer ma ydoor, 21,39 art week, Jeddah, KSA.


- December- Bunyan, Islamic Art Festival, Sharjah- UAE.

- June- IDENTITY Made in.. Gallery. Venice- Italy.

- May- Breakfast in Beirut, Treviso- Italy

- March- RCA Secret Dubai, Art Dubai.

- January- Art  Represent, London -UK


- October- Florence Biennale, Florence- Italy

- September- Map of the new art, The Luciano Benetton Collection, Venice- Italy.

- May- 1st RomArt Biebbale, Rome- Italy.

-February- I Art, Limited Edition-4.The Gallery, Al-Khayyat, Jeddah, KSA.

- February- Alice in wonderland exhibition, The Gallery, Jeddah- KSA.


- November- Solo exhibition,The Gallery, Park Hyyat Jeddah- KSA.

- August- Arabian Wings Auction, The Gallery, Park Hyyat, Jeddah- KSA.

- April- Project1000, Group Exhibition, The Gallery, Park Hyyat Jeddah- KSA.

- March- Here We Come, Group Exhibition with The Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco. 

- March- Arabian Wings Auction, The Gallery, Park Hyyat Jeddah, KSA.

- February- Limited Edition 3- Arabian Wings, Jeddah Art week 2 (Jaw), The

Gallery, Park Hyyat.


- RHIZOMA, Group Exhibition with Edge of Arabia. side show with 55th Venice

Biennale- Italy.

- April- Young Saudi Artist, Group Exhibition with Athr Gallery, Jeddah- KSA.

- February- Mostly Visible, Jeddah Art Week 1 (Jaw), Athr Gallery, Park Hyyat

Jeddah, KSA.


February- Young Saudi Arti, Group Exhibition with Athr Gallery, Jeddah- KSA.

- Affordable Art Exhibition, Jeddah Atelier- KSA.

- Arabian Selections, Jeddah Atelier-SA.

- December- Affordable Art exhibition, Jeddah Atelier- Jeddah- SA.


- Controversial Dialogues Exhibition, Jeddah Atelier-SA.

- Affordable Art Exhibition, Jeddah Atelier, KSA.

- Arabian Selections, Jeddah Atelier-SA. 


-Arabian Selections, Jeddah Atelier- KSA.

- Affordable Art Exhibition, Jeddah Atelier- KSA.


- Arabian Selections, Jeddah Atelier-KSA.

- Affordable Art Exhibition, Jeddah Atelier- KSA.

  Work experience:
 - Visual artist 2008- Present
 - Visual arts program manager at Sidanah _Saudia Employees Co-Operative_ 2016- Present
- Design dip manager at Sidanah _Saudia Employees Co-Operative, 2015- 2016
 - Visual Arts Manager at NSA, Abdullateef Jameel, 2013 - 2-15
-Senior Production Designer,at NSA, Abdullateef Jameel
2012 - 2013


- First position across Saudi Arabia Universities- Fine Arts completion, in the 3rd Scientific Research Conference, 2012.

- First position- Fine Arts completion, in KAU, 3rd Scientific Meeting, 2012.

- First Position- creativity Completion, in KAU career form, 2012

Academic papers and presentations

- 2016, Success Story، A talk about my story at Hand Made Center symposium at KAU.

- 2011, Scotoma as a culture dilemma presents Franco Arabic in Contemporary Fine Art, A paper presented at the 3rd academic conference, KAU. 


2010 - 2012

Masters in Fine Arts


2001 - 2007

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Scuola italiana in Jeddah
2013- Present
Italian Lnguage 
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